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The Old and the New

In the old world of print publishing, once a book landed on the shelf of a retailer, the death clock started. If your book didn’t start selling immediately, it was pulled from distribution and returned to the Publisher to be pulped. This, of course, is understandable because bricks and mortar bookshops have limited shelf space.


In the new world of Ebooks ( and P.o.D. books ) things are very different.


1) An Ebook (or POD) is effectively immortal. Once published they remain published and available until they are unpublished.


2) They are forever updateable. ie new covers, rewrites, new pricing etc


3) As the books are sampled, purchased and reviewed, they become more discoverable; and there are 100s of millions of readers with access to the internet.

Thanks to Mark Coker for ideas and for excerpts from his book The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

Some Things Don't Change


The better the book, the more likely it is to sell

If it is not 'Out There', it won't sell at all.