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Spend Your Time Wisely

The most valuable contribution you have to give to the world is your time. Spend it wisely. Jealously guard it from distraction and inefficiency.


Ask yourself, where is your time and talent best utilised? What can you do better than anyone else? What can you create that is singularly unique to you? Hopefully, your answer is to write the best book only you can write. Then write another, and another!


As the power of publishing shifts from publishers to authors, authors must become professional publishers, and professional time managers. Publishers possess a wide range of responsibilities. They must professionally edit, revise and proof each book, professionally format it and package it with a professional cover image. They must adorn the book with quality metadata, price it, distribute it, sell and market it, market the author, and collect payments from distribution partners.


Some indie authors mistakenly believe they must do all the work themselves. This thinking is counterproductive, and potentially damaging. If you can hire a low-cost specialized expert to do the job better, faster and cheaper than you can do on your own, then hire out. Luckily, experts are plentiful, and you need not spend a king’s ransom to hire good help.


If you’re not an expert cover designer, or if you don’t have the time or patience to format your manuscript for conversion, hire an expert. If you don’t have time to prepare your book and metadata to each retailer’s specifications, or you want to save time on uploading, metadata management, distribution and bookkeeping, use a distributor (more on distribution next).


Remember, successful writers write.


Listed above are the basic steps that need to be taken to successfully publish a book. SifiPublishing can help with any or all of them. We do not offer 'Packages'. Most of the companies that do, charge a staggering amount of money and then farm the work. SifiPublishing prices each service individually and tailors it to the Authors requirements. All services are in house.